Forum 2012

Storck-Matoba-Forum 2012

The join forces of creative like-minded people lead by Kazuma and Anna resulted in the organisation of the  SIETAR Forum 2012+38, International Conference 27-29 September 2012 in Berlin, Germany. In this preparation year during our intensive workshops in Mannheim and Berlin the idea of cosmopolitan communication connected with the integral theory and transparent communication were born, but it took us one year preparation and two intensive workshops in Mannheim and Berlin to shape our Institute for Global Integral Competence. Read more about How everything began here.

To invite the leading edge of practice and thought to become present, we imagined a world, in 2050, where integral consciousness had become the average level of development of individuals throughout all cultures, and where integral competence had found its way into our brain, mind, culture and systems. We imagined that people would be versed in cosmopolitan communication practices, which ““enables coordination among groups with different, even incommensurate, social realities.”(Pearce, 1989, p. 169).

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