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Global Integral Competence

We believe that we are all able to move “forward-upward” (using Pearce’s words which reflect both technological progress and the development of consciousness) by moving towards cosmopolitan communication. This form of communication requires the development of a new level of awareness – global integral competence – which incorporates a more complete picture of human experience. Using a highly interactive format, we look at this competence through four perspectives of understanding: mind, culture, brain and system.

We aim to develop Global Integral Competence in three areas:



Medical staffs are dialogue facilitators for clients in their self-regulation and should be in resonance with clients so that they can recognize new communicative constructed situation as coherent.

In this dialogical situation healing communication takes place and new values are created. This kind of communication takes place not only between human bodies/brains/minds, but also between human subtle and causal energy bodies. At this level of communication, our communication channels are expanded and developed and we can communicate nonverbally directly with self-healing-energy of clients.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Kazuma Matoba



Our economic system and our organizations are challenged by wicked complexity.

We can all clearly see the limitations of our current organizational forms and economic principles. But how do we overcome these limitations? How do we move towards more flexible and global forms? How do we create integral and cosmopolitan wealth? How do we achieve benefits for people, planet and profit? How can we leverage the strengths of business to create disruptive innovations for global challenges? How do we move forward while integrating the best from the past? How can we practice cosmopolitan communication in a corporate boardroom, in a startup, in a central bank? Our integral wealth focus provides research, inquiry and learning into these questions.

Contact: PhD Sergej van Middendorp


Ken Wilber, one of the most influential contemporary US American philosophers, observes that while globalization is turning the planet into a village, the world is rapidly disintegrating: In the past, most people were born and raised, married, had children and died in the same culture.

To solve the world’s problems, we need to take a more integral approach by changing the way we communicate our messages across cultures. Cosmopolitan Communication might be one of the influential approaches, which is a creation of shared understanding and the Culture Intelligence which refers to an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures. It helps us to find simple, but meaningful ways to enrich everyday interactions, because we are part of the game, aware of all the players and ourselves together as a whole.

Contact: Dr. Anna Storck