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Transparent Communication

Creating a better world through cosmopolitan communication.

Transparent communication consists of various training approaches to develop our intra-, inter- and trans-personal communication competence for “higher and more transcendent layers of consciousness” (Thomas Hübl, 2011).

Transparent communication, developed by Thomas Hübl (2009a, 2009b, 2011), enables us to “access a more extensive level of information in our lives” and to “move beyond the interpretation (understanding) of humans as objects in the physical world and thus experience humans from within” (2009b). This method helps us to “acknowledge the true cause of many conflicts, looking beyond the symptoms to the root of the problem” (ibid). The aim of this method is to establish a new WE-culture by “achieving a high degree of interpersonal clarity, supporting our authentic expression, not to mention an expansion of the collective intelligence”.

The following are representative training approaches:

  • Feedback: a training to perceive and share everything that comes up within us in an encounter with other people. Body awareness: a training to get to a deeper sensation of body.
  • Looking into different parts of life: a training to perceive information about the life of the person in her/his energetic field.
  • The screen of clairvoyance: a training to strengthen “inner screen” reflecting messages and visions which originate in layers of our consciousness located below the surface of regular mind consciousness.
  • Reading: a psychic training to find answers which show us possible evolutional passes for our lives.