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How is your integral life praxis Martin?

I think my whole life is oriented into two main „directions“: the Integral Life Practice and the four pillars that what Thomas Hübl teaches us to be importent for a spiritual oriented life: sangha, teacher, spiritual friends, own practice. So for sure I try to make most of my communication with other people as I descriped in my understanding of Cosmopolitan Communication before. And this leds my life inevitable in the direction of more depth. Every day meditation (between 1-3 hours), reading mystical textes of Krishnamurti, Hübl, Wilber, Aurobindo; doing a little bit of yoga every day; weight lifting 2 times a week; I also focus on my nutrition; I spend my time with the core group of Thomas Hübl to have direct contact to a spiritual teacher. He has the ability to confront me with my spiritual way and has a wider perspective than me; I initiate and develope „integral, spiritual“ projects like the GIC programm or an „integral leadership training“ as well.

What is Cosmopolitan Communication for you?

Part of it should be: truth is a pathless land! It integrates different „levels“ of communication (yellow). My body-mind-system is the antenna for the whole communication (gross, subtle, causal, 3 bodys). Silence is as much as important as words (breaks are part of the music). All participants of the communication leave something in it in the different way, that they had entered it, consciously! The topics are in the middle of the participants than in one of ther multiperspectiveness. We are aware of cosmic adresses, what means that we are aware about that, there is no such thing like a fixed point in the whole universe. The future is part of the moment, together we bring it into life in each communication, which means that no one knows where exactly this communication will lead us. I see god in you and through this communication. I can also see god in myself (3 faces of god) during the communication. There is a awareness of a „global communication“ which means awareness about that we are or that I am always „part“ of „the one big field of communication.“ We create culture in every moment and even a small group can change the whole world. How do you experience it? Cosmopolitan communication is a pratice of the moment/ the NOW; all participants of the communication will leave the communication in another way than they entered it. So cosmopolitan communication is more than a tool. It is a life-practice. This consciousness changes something in me and in my communication partner. It is the beginning of co-creation and a   evolution of consciousness. I‘m aware of my responsibility in every moment – with my contribution here and now. I‘m creating the sociaty/culture/world; I‘m an active part. There is nothing like a gap between me and the world. If I really take seriously tha fact, that the deepest part in me is the deepest part in you then cosmopolitan communication brings me directly to „the question of god“ – 3 faces of god“. It is not so easy for me to make a clear line between global integral competence and cosmopolitan communication. May be the GIC is more the map and cosmopolitan communication is the practice, that what I can practice in my daily life, but I‘m not sure about this point. Anyway both things are not divisible one from the other. In a clear way how things were divided through thinking during the last decades of human history.