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How is your integral life praxis Marion?

Integral life practice means for me to grow and to develop into my highest capacity.

Body: It is very important for me not only to react when the body shows illnesses but strengthening the body so that is stays healthy. I eat healthy organic food, I walk often and I practice sports such as horse riding and inline-skating. Since 10 years I am a yoga practitioner. I also practice body-based therapy to maintain  a more holistic health (for example foot reflexology or Rolfing).

Emotional: Since many years I have been practicing inner reflection to get to know my emotional world better and to be more conscious about it. Shadow work is an effective practice to reveal old emotional patterns and through it I experience more inner freedom and space.

Mind: To clear and calm down my very active and fast mind I meditate approximately 6 days a week. I work on my belief patterns from old conditioning. Awareness helps me a lot to be present.

Spiritual: I am deeply influenced by yoga philosophy. Teachers like Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie have a strong influence on my spiritual development. Currently, I am actively working on the teachings of Thomas Hübl, a contemporary spiritual teacher. By practicing transparent communication which includes the body-mind-system I gain in wisdom and love. Awakening is my first priority in life.

What is Cosmopolitan Communication for you?

Cosmopolitan communication and transparent communication are both forms of communications of the new century. This new form of communication can hold different perspectives and world views. At the same time it finds new solutions on a more developed level from the 2nd tier spoken in the words of spiral dynamics. The new communication means for me:

  • listening with the body and mind.
  • perceiving the energies during a conversation and not only the content of what is said.
  • being guided by intuition besides the intellect.
  • speaking out of presence and awareness.
  • being interpersonal including me, the other person and the space between us.
  • being transpersonal through the connection to the higher consciousness and say what wants to be said.

​I practice this form of communication by leading a practice group and I try to bring it into my daily life as much as possible. At the same time I see myself in a continuous learning process and an active part in the process of transformation of communication into a new “we”.