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How is your integral life praxis, Kazuma?

My day begins with walking/jogging with my dog in the Ruhr-valley forest next to our house. Then I enjoy my daily Zen-meditation in my small Japanese tea-ceremony-room designed by me. I am a Buddhist and Shintoist and do not forget to pray for my ancestors. After this daily work, my mind is filled with energy and my brain can work effectively until I need fresh air. I can get energy sometimes while working in the garden where I grow some vegetables. Before sleeping, I heal myself through an energy therapy that I learned from my parents as a child. In my daily life, I try to integrate Japanese tradition, such as zen-meditation, tea ceremony, energy therapy, into my European life style. Through the integration between Eastern and Western culture – yin and yang – I am creating a new space between them. This is a space where I become so enlightened and creative that I can perceive others beyond their cultures.

What is Cosmopolitan Communication for you? How did you experience it?

Communication is energy! I was born and socialized in Japan where the context of communication is more important than the content – high-context-communication. Communication in Germany, whereby the content is more important than the context – high-content-communication – was very difficult for me. I was always less assertive because it was not easy to express everything that bears in my mind. I expected that something unspoken could be understood by understanding what the context says. After many years living in Germany, I could come to a point where high-context and high-content communication is balanced. This means that I can comprehend another person very well by listening to messages from content and context carefully. This competence is very important for my energy therapy because I can resonate with my client\’s energy by understanding his/her message from his/her context and content – from his/her mind, spirit and body. That is why I call energy medicine “non-verbal holistic psychosomatic communication. For me, this is a kind of cosmopolitan communication. Human beings should evolve to the next stage where their communication will be able to heal their our mind, body, society and earth, not anymore hurt and attack them.