Forum 2020

Forum 2020 in Witten

February 2020 at the Witten/Herdecke University in Witten, Germany

Global Social Witnessing-Lab 2020

Vision: In the 21st century the university has a major responsibility for creating spaces in which a cosmopolitan society can be prepared for the future; where students are encouraged to explore the contours of cosmopolitan identity; and where students can practice ‘global social witnessing’ in order to develop human capacity to attend mindfully to global events with embodied awareness. If our future is to be cosmopolitan, we need to establish cosmopolitan education in the university.
Goal: The goal of GSW-Lab 2020 is to make dialogues between scientific researchers and practitioners by answering theoretical and pragmatic questions concerning GSW. Researchers are invited from philosophy, psychology, sociology, biology, neuroscience, political science, communication science and art science. They will dialogue with practitioners such as spiritual leaders, artist and journalist.
Conference language is English.