Forum 2012

Forum 2012

SIETAR 2012+38 Berlin

The join forces of creative like-minded people lead by Kazuma and Anna resulted in the organisation of the  SIETAR Forum 2012+38, International Conference 27-29 September 2012 in Berlin, Germany. In this preparation year during our intensive workshops in Mannheim and Berlin the idea of cosmopolitan communication connected with the integral theory and transparent communication were born, but it took us one year preparation and two intensive workshops in Mannheim and Berlin to shape our Institute for Global Integral Competence. Read more about How everything began here.

To invite the leading edge of practice and thought to become present, we imagined a world, in 2050, where integral consciousness had become the average level of development of individuals throughout all cultures, and where integral competence had found its way into our brain, mind, culture and systems. We imagined that people would be versed in cosmopolitan communication practices, which ““enables coordination among groups with different, even incommensurate, social realities.”(Pearce, 1989, p. 169).

CC is a communication form in the second tier (yellow and turquoise) of the human evolution. Each individual cannot grasp the whole concept of CC yet, but we all together are able to draw a big picture of CC by using “integral map” and “tools” (transparent communication, integral dialogue etc.)  

All participants can understand and experience the concept of CC individually and know that CC can be applied to our social reality – health, wealth and peace.

Step 1. Our hypothesis: CC as communication in the second tier

Step 2. Pre-definition

“Cosmopolitan communication is a form of persons-in-conversation and energy-in-conversation which can create a social reality with unified diversity and relational responsibility by resonating and synchronizing with information energy between communicators through all communication channels.”

We need a good integral map for the research/development of CC

CC is communication form in the evolutional stage of yellow and turquoise.
Integral map (AQAL) can give us an orientation for how to develop our communication competences in each quadrant (body, mind, culture and system).

The development line in each quadrant lines suggest us how to train us:

  •   body – mind – spirit (soul)
  • me (egoistic) – us (ethnocentric) – all of us (cosmopolitan
  • gross energy body – subtle energy body – causal energy body
  • explicit system – implicit system

Step 3. Our tools for evolution: Transparent communication and integral dialogue

Transparent communication and integral dialogue can be understood as tools for development of competences like persons-in-conversation, energy-in-conversation, unified diversity, relational responsibility, new channels.

It is hard to express in words what we made together at this conference. The conventional style of reporting will not do. Fortunately, the orga-team invited Mathias Weitbrecht as a visual facilitator to make a map of the conference. The richness and interdependence of the themes and ideas that wove together in recurring and recursive cycles over the course of the days is well captured in his drawings and fotos in the gallery below.

Here some of the amazing presenters