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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Next FUGIC-Event takes place on 4th-5th November in Witten, Germany!

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Dr. Kazuma Matoba

What is your professional and academic background, Kazuma?

I am a researcher and teacher in communication at universities in Germany, Switzerland, Albania and Japan. I have a PhD in Linguistics and Habilitation in Philosophy and am a research fellow at the CMM Institute for Personal & Social Evolution, Oracle/USA. I have many publications in areas of diversity management and intercultural communication. I am interested in the evolutional process of communication. I am also dialogue process facilitator/trainer to improve intercultural/organizational communication and knowledge-creation more about Kazuma...


Dr. Anna Storck

What is your professional and academic background, Anna?

PhD in Political Science from Free University of Berlin, first master’s degree in Andragogy and Cultural Pedagogy from the Jagiellonen University of Cracaw in Poland, and a second master’s degree in European Culture and Politics from University of Bath in the United Kingdom. I'm also a Professional Certified Trainer (DVNLP) and systemic Coach (ECA, SySt®). I‘m a Polish by birth and have extensive experience living, studying in different countries and working with international companies. I have expertise on topics which include intercultural communications, learning styles, and developing training programs for adult learners. I‘m now based in Potsdam and manage successfully my own company interkultura.

I‘m also a co-author of the book: Intercultural Trainer Manual and trainee teacher. My private life and business is fully grounded in Integral Theory and as a result allow me to serve a variety of projects and organizations. The Integral Approach informs everything I do from raising my children, to designing intercultural train-the-trainer courses more about Anna...

Sergej van Middendorp

What is your professional and academic background, Sergej?

I started my career in a zoo, but quickly switched to IT. First learning how to support business processes with enterprise resource planning systems based on IBM’s AS/400, and moving on to a services company that implemented Lotus Notes, IBM Websphere and Microsoft SharePoint to help groups in large organizations share knowledge and work together. When I became responsible for strategy and innovation I started looking for methods that could help us uncover the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing. I started working with emerging models like Verna Allee’s value networks analysis, and Sveiby’s intellectual capital. Around that time, I met my business partner Indranil Bhattacharya and together with a small community of fellow-entrepreneurs and our talented product labs in Romania and India we provide consulting and a software platform for communities of small businesses that want to work together by sharing knowledge and sharing supply chains. I have a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, an MBA from Henley Business School, and am currently authoring my doctoral dissertation with Fielding Graduate University, exploring how our joint improvisations with conceptual metaphors become embodied in the systems that we are creating more about Sergej...

Martin Bruders

​What is your professional and academic background, Martin?

My professions are: qualified social education worker - mediator- for over 20 years I work very successfully as a comedian with my own comedy show "comedy-duo" - several trainings in communication skills; over 5 years in transparent communication - for the past 3 years presenting my own infotainment-show "integral-roadshow" - several trainings in theater performances; mainly action theater  more about Martin...

Marion Weber

What is your professional and academic background, Marion?

I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Göttingen, with a thesis in social and communication psychology. During my studies I offered seminars for five years for young volunteers engaged in environmental work. I was also part of a group of students who founded “Sprungbrett”, an association that organized seminars and training activities in communication and project management for groups in the social movement. After my studies, I did a postgraduate training at the Systemic-Integrative Institute in Essen (isit). Now I am a systemic and family therapist (DGSF) and a psychodrama and trauma therapist (PITT); this latter under the supervision of Dr. Luise Reddemann.

​At the beginning of my working career I worked for several schools, training teenagers in social competencies and helping them with personal problems and professional orientation. After that I was hired by AWO, a company in the welfare sectorwhere I work with people with chronic mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and personality disorders. My assignment in this company is to do individual counseling, mediation, intervention in crisis and to develop concepts and organizational structures. I give courses in relaxation techniques, stress reduction, burn out prevention, awareness, stabilizing techniques and improvisation theatre.

I also worked for one and a half years in an early intervention center helping children from 2 to 6 years with disabilities and behavioral disorders. I did diagnoses and family therapy.

During my professional career I also coached people on their personal development.

In 2011 I did a practice group training under the supervision of Thomas Hübl's team and I am currently running my own practice group in Witten, where we meditate and train on integral competences through transparent communication. Currently I am involved at the University of Witten/Herdecke doing a workshop about transparent communication with Kazuma Matoba.

more about Marion...