Ken Wilber, one of the most influential contemporary US American philosophers, observes that while globalization is turning the planet into a village, the world is rapidly disintegrating: In the past, most people were born and raised, married, had children and died in the same culture.

Their lives developed within the same value system and those were largely the same as those of their ancestors. Now, as a result of globalization, many different value systems have been brought together. People travel, and their ideas and convictions travel with them. That sometimes results in a failure to communicate. Some cultures speak the language of “me”; some speak the language of “us’”; some speak the language of “all of us.”

To solve the world’s problems, we need to take a more integral approach by changing the way we communicate our messages across cultures. Cosmopolitan Communication might be one of the influential approaches, which is a creation of shared understanding and the Culture Intelligence which refers to an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures. It helps us to find simple, but meaningful ways to enrich everyday interactions, because we are part of the game, aware of all the players and ourselves together as a whole.


Contact: Dr. Anna Storck