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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

IfGIC News

Here we would like to share with you all the facts and all the fun that is happening to us during our inner and outer journeys with IfGIC and FUGIC.

Have fun!


Erasmus+ Project “Teaching English Motivatedly for Adult Students”.

Second meeting of the project groups in Witten, Germany. more »

IfGIC and CMMI in London

Last October, Kazuma and Sergej joined the CMM Institute’s Learning Exchange in London. more »

Workshops for volunteers in cooperation with BAMF

Workshop in AWO in Nürnberg “Developing intercultural and dialogic competence for volunteer working for migrants” more »

Next FUGIC workshop in Slovenia coming up in May.

We are used to thinking of dialogue as something that occurs between individuals. Yet most of us have at least touched the awareness of a Whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, of a Mystery or Totality which we try to put in words but is larger more »

Cosmopolitan Communication course at Ubiquity University is launching!

IfGIC will offer two courses in Ubiquity University, more »

Workshop on Cosmopolitan Communication in Japan

Kazuma Matoba was invited by Integral Japan (http://integraljapan.net) more »

First IfGIC Webinar with Kazuma Matoba

Today the first webinar from our monthly series is launching. more »

IfGIC joins EU Project in Teaching Adult Students

IfGIC partners in a EU-project for Adult Students more »

FUGIC workshop in Slovenia 2016

Marjeta's and Kazuma's organised their workshop in Slovenia more »

Anna's Leadership Training for young people in New Zealand

Anna - over in New Zealand also is very active promoting intercultural perspective there. more »

"Moments that matter and ways to discern them - an introduction to CMM"

IFGIC organises this webinar in cooperation with CMMI more »

IfGIC in Nazareth

Kazuma visited Dr. Hassan in Nazareth to talk about future projects and cooperations. more »

The next FUGIC Forum in Munich

The Institute for Integral Global Competence, the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution, the Fielding Graduate University and the Universität Bundeswehr Munich joined forces to create this event. more »

IfGIC at the Celebrate Life Festival 2015

Marion, Kazuma and Martin presented the work of IfGIC for interested participants more »

Transparent Communication at Witten-Herdecke University

Two workshops conducted at the University inspired over 40 students more »

Exploring the "Inside of a We" with Martin Bruders at the Integral Forum

Martin Bruders and his workshop at Integral Forum more »

Dr. Kazuma Matoba gives a speech about dialogue in Kiev

"Give Dialogue a Chance and a Time!" was the title of the speech at the International Conference in Kiev more »

Fielding Graduate University Summer Session

Dr. Kazuma Matoba and Sergej van Middendorp went to further the collaboration between the IfGIC, the CMM Institute for Personal and Social evolution, and Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara (US). more »

Seminar at the Uni Witten/Herdecke

Seminar "Heilende Kommunikation ..." from Dr. Kazuma Matoba and Martin Bruders more »

1st Integral European Conference

IfGIC-Workshop during the 1st Integral European Conference more »

Meeting in Potsdam

Our IfGIC meeting in Potsdam to update our work more »

FUGIC Opening forum in Berlin

FUGIC started in Berlin! more »

New website up!

New IfGIC website has been launched! more »

GA in Witten

General Assembly 2017 and IfGIC workshop on November 4th and 5th at Witten/Herdecke University more »