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Institute for Global Integral Competence

Institute for Global Integral Competence

Next FUGIC-Event takes place on 4th-5th November in Witten, Germany!

Go to FUGIC site for more information about this Event.

Join us in Witten!

Co-operation partners


The sense Foundation is about to incite a collaborative, future-proof culture to discover and develop their potential in individuals and communities. They initiate and promote future places of lived culture, creating free spaces for a grandchild suitable development and help to find your own way of learning. They accompany and support people and places, the ambassadors of a culture fit for the future development of the potential and sustainability  more...

MOA International

MOA International's ethos is based on the philosophy and work of Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), who publicly announced his vision for creating a new civilization in January, 1935. His idea for this new civilization was that it must bring permanent peace and happiness to all human beings all across the world without restricted to certain region or ethnic group more...

Sharing the Presence e.V.

The charitable association "Sharing the Presence e.V." provides a charitable framework for the diverse range of projects in the Sharing the Presence movement based around the work of Thomas Hübl. Activities which will be conducted under the auspices of the charity include the organization of the Celebrate Life Festival. It is possible to make charitable donations at the festivals. Some of these donations will be passed on to other charitable organizations more...

Visual Facilitators

Since 2005 Visual Facilitators have worked in all industries and for almost all topics for startups and change makers, large corporations and SMBs, government and politics, culture and NGOs – until now under the name Integral Information Architecture). Today they are an experienced team which currently will also expand globally. Change is complex. It is not graspable mentally and using words. And still we wish meaningful change that lasts: Vision and values that are being lived, and that involve people with heart, mind and creativity. For most people values, strategies, vision or new processes are very abstract. They come to life when facilitated through a participatory process and when in visualized in color, form and stories: They start to work on mind, hear and soul. The start to become tangible, sense- able and are fun. And the future can be experienced before it happens more...