Our Vision

We are looking at a world where people use cosmopolitan communication to integrate their similarities and differences into beautiful, practical, and natural experiences of wholeness. We believe that integral communication theories and practices can help people to move towards this stage. We develop global integral competence in health, wealth and peace by offering workshops and forums at Flying University of Institute of Global Integral Competence, and by doing ongoing research. We work together with a global community of partners and sponsors in order to achieve our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote personal and social evolution constructed by “Cosmopolitan Communication”. For this we need to develop “Global Integral Competence” by practicing integral life practice such as “Transparent Communication” and “Global Social Witnessing”. The guiding map is “Integral Theory” by Ken Wilber.


Global Integral Competence

The individual needs to be analyzed not only into smaller parts, but should also be viewed holistically in a totality. It is not enough to focus on the obvious extensions of these, since here other, invisible, or only temporarily occurring features are completely left out. It is only by examining all characteristics of a person, that one can obtain a clear impression, fromwhich one can then: act; evaluate; modify one’s current assumptions; orindeed formulate new assumptions. This opens a great range of ways to bewith another person, and also thereby for us to learn more about ourselves and our own approach to life.

The model of Global Integral Competence tries to capture and portray all the domains, aspects, characteristics and features of individuals in such a way that a cosmopolitan viewpoint can arise out of and concerning human beings.


IfGIC Structure


Medical staffs are dialogue facilitators for clients in their self-regulation and should be in resonance with clients so that they can recognize new communicative constructed situation as coherent.


Our economic system and our organizations are challenged by wicked complexity.


The Peace in the world.



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